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3rd October 2018: Dr Simon Stott

The Measuring and Monitoring of Parkinson's
Dr Simon Stott shared ideas about the importance of measuring Parkinson's. He also told us about an exciting collaboration with Israeli researchers on automated analysis of breath for better, earlier Parkinson's diagnosis, and led our group discussion.

Simon moved to a new role as Deputy Director of Research at Cure Parkinson's Trust just before our meeting. Previously he was a post-doctoral researcher at Cambridge University's John van Geest Centre for Brain Repair. He is also widely known for his excellent Science of Parkinson's blog, which provides frequent updates on current Parkinson's research in a clear and accessible way.

Recordings of Simon's presentation

Part 1: Measurement and monitoring (10 minutes)

Also available on Vimeo at

Part 2: Breath taking Parkinson's research (13 minutes)

Also available on Vimeo at