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Guide to all our online archives

Articles by or about Branch members

Here you can find some extended articles about various events and topics.

Each link in the Table of Contents takes you to a page where you will find the full article for online browsing. Many articles also include a link allowing you to download the full text as a PDF document suitable for printing.

Table of Contents

Advice and support May 2019 Report on a Walk Well workshop at Oxford Brookes
April 2019 How to minimize your risk of falls, both at home and outside
February 2019 Warning about unproven commercial therapies
November 2018 Protect yourself against flu for the winter
Branch activities February 2019 A simple, effective fundraising idea - collecting unused small change
Research April 2018 What Goes Wrong in Parkinson’s: a simple explanation of cellular mechanisms
Events April 2018 Our Chair honoured by the Open University