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Resources for you during the Coronavirus outbreak

Here we have tried to gather links to a variety of resources that you may find helpful when we are largely restricted to our homes and many services are disrupted.

Click here for the Coronavirus Chatterbox, our special edition Newsletter with whimsical, amusing, thoughtful and optimistic material. Check back regularly, as we will update it with new content - and send us any pictures, stories and anecdotes that you think will lift our spirits!

On this page:

Branch activities

Events postponed

Most of our face-to-face events are cancelled until further notice.

During this time we are holding a series of online events that will allow us to meet, exercise, take part in music activities, or simply chat. Follow this link for more information, including some face-to-face events that we are now able to hold. We aim to have our first face-to-face Branch meeting in October 2021, although it will also be available online for those who prefer not to attend in person.

Using Zoom for online meetings and classes

Our remote classes, meetings and drop-in sessions will use Zoom, an online video meeting system. To take part you need a clickable link that you will receive by email. If you have not used Zoom before, don’t worry - it is very easy. You can find our simple guide to setting up and using Zoom on our website by clicking here.

If you are setting up Zoom for the first time and would like to check that everything is working properly, please contact Jonathan who will be happy to set up a trial-run session with you and offer support.

Support from Oxford Branch

Respite care grants

Our grant scheme offers financial support when you need respite care, either regularly or to cover an unusual situation. Please visit our respite care grant page for more details.

Support for you from other agencies

There is a wealth of support available to people with Parkinson’s and their carers during this difficult time. Here are a few trustworthy sources of information and help.

NHS Parkinson’s Nurse Service

The nurse team

Jo Bromley and her Specialist Nurse Team remain available for help with any change in your condition, questions about medication, and other Parkinson’s-related matters. You can contact the team on their central telephone number 01865 737465.

NEWThe Parkinson’s Nurse team have created a really helpful update leaflet which you can view or download at this link.

You can find more about the service by following this link to their page on the Oxford hospitals website.

Parkinson’s UK

Our parent charity has an excellent and regularly updated support page that you can find by clicking this link - and, of course, their telephone helpline is still available at 0808 800 0303.

Our Local Adviser, Delia Wells, is a wonderful source of information when you have a problem that can’t easily be answered by the charity’s website.

Our own website

We have gathered a page of useful resources covering therapy, learning opportunities, help with caring, and grants and other financial support.

It also covers help with adapting your own home to meet the needs of a person with Parkinson’s, and some information about Council Tax reductions that may be available to you.

Support from Carers Oxfordshire

Carers Oxfordshire offers extensive support for carers. Their website is and their “Carersline” support phone number is 01235 424715.

Age UK Advice Line

The national Age UK advice line, 0800 678 1602, is available from 8am to 7pm every day of the year.

Online chat for carers

Take a look at which gives details of a daily Zoom meeting where carers can chat and discuss issues that concern them.

Oxford City Council

Our City Council has many resources including a useful list of local shops and traders who can take orders and deliver directly to your home.

Michael J Fox Foundation

The Michael J Fox Foundation has a really good website (this link) with a wealth of interesting medical, research and support information.

Mindfulness teacher Azizë Stirling, who many of you already know, has told us about their webinar (online broadcast discussion) Living in the Moment when the Moment Is Unprecedented taking place on Thursday 16 April at 5pm UK time. You will need to register using this web link, but it is free to attend.

Exercise and social opportunities

We have a large and growing collection of videos and other home exercise opportunities, including our hugely popular live online Big Bold and Balance classes on Wednesday at 10.30am and Friday at 11am. Visit our exercise opportunities page for full details.

NOTE NEW TIME 1pmMusic and singing

Kate Wilkinson leads our 1-hour Finding your Voice class at 1pm every Friday. She is being astonishingly creative in developing online voice activities. If you would like to participate, get in touch with our Secretary who can provide details of the Zoom links you will need.