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Donations and payments to Oxford Branch

PLEASE CHECK CAREFULLY! Are you planning to make a donation, or is it a payment? It’s really important to choose the right method. Read on to learn more! Our Treasurer, Steve Duhan, has written a comprehensive guide to the reasons for our concerns about this - just click on the pale blue box below for all the details.

A note for members on making donations via the JustGiving web page.

Many of you will have noticed that we now have a JustGiving button on our website for making donations to the branch. This is particularly useful if you or some other donor wish to make a donation and claim Gift Aid.

However there are some caveats.

This is by far the best and simplest way to make a donation with Gift Aid.

Gift Aid may only be claimed on “pure” individual donations. It must not be claimed on any “donation” which is in effect payment for Voice, Alexander Technique or exercise classes, or any other activity where the member has received a benefit. Claiming Gift Aid on these payments will cause all sorts of trouble with PUK head office, their auditors, and ultimately HMRC.

Please do not use this channel for making payments such as holiday payments, or payments with respect to Voice, Alexander technique or any other exercise activity. The preferred route is to make a direct bank transfer.

Money from this JustGiving channel goes directly to PUK head office and is returned to the branch through the quarterly return. This means that there is always a delay before the money arrives in the branch account which may be as much as three months.

Hope this is helpful,

Stephen Duhan
OxPUK Treasurer


If you are considering a donation to Oxford Branch, thank you! The best way to do it is by using our JustGiving donation page. This allows us to collect Gift Aid on your kind gift, increasing its value to us by 25%.

PLEASE NOTE that you must not use this method if you are paying us for something - for example, your membership subscription, or the cost of an outing or other event. It is against the law for us to claim Gift Aid on payments of that kind.


If you are paying the Branch for something, such as membership subscriptions or the cost of an outing, then the best way is to make an online transfer to our bank account. For security reasons we don’t publish our bank details on this website, but you can get a reminder of the account details by email. Just fill in your email address below and then click the Send my reminder button.

If you cannot pay using online banking, please get in touch with our Treasurer who will be able to help.

Get a reminder of our bank details

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