Parkinson's Café

Thursday 21st September

from 10.30am at Erdington House, Yarnton, OX5 1FZ

Come and go as you wish. Relax with a coffee or tea, and chat to others affected by Parkinson's.

Contact: Alison Pegrum, 01865 849791

The Café will also take place Oct.19, Nov.16 and Dec.14.

How to reach Erdington House

By car: Turn off the A44 Oxford to Woodstock road at the Turnpike roundabout, a mile north of Pear Tree. Then follow the map below. Please be aware that residents have priority parking. Please park in one of the areas indicated on the map below.

By bus: The S3 bus runs twice an hour from Oxford or Woodstock and stops on Cassington Road very close to Erdington House, as shown on the map.

You can download the map (for printing) using this link, or click on the small image below to enlarge it.

Map of Erdington House