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Lending library of daily living aids

The Oxford Parkinson’s Library of Objects…

…allows you to borrow and try out a variety of gadgets, ideas and aids that may help with everyday living tasks.

Look further down the page to learn how the Library of Objects works, and how you can borrow and return these items.

What’s available?

Click any of the small tiles below to get more information about an item.

Using the library

All the items are free to borrow, and we encourage you to try as many as you wish. All we ask is that you try them out, see whether they help with the individual challenges you face, and (preferably) provide a very short written summary describing how well they worked for you.

The library has many innovative gadgets and gizmos for you to try and to give your feedback on them! Some are cheap and simple, others are more expensive - but in all cases they are free for you to borrow and try out at home.

Our Secretary, Pen Keyte, has kindly agreed to look after the objects for the time being. Contact her to make arrangements to borrow or return any item.

Background and future plans

The In Control By Design project ran throughout 2019 and provided a fascinating forum for artists, scientists, staff of the Pitt Rivers Museum, and people with Parkinson’s. One of the project’s aims is to build a collection of “life hacks” for people with Parkinson’s - ideas, hints and suggestions, but also a library of objects that you can try at home without cost.

As this library-of-things evolves we aim to build an online resource showcasing all the gadgets and featuring your comments on how effective they were.