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July 2019

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Committee Profile: Kit Marriott

 Pen Keyte

Each Newsletter we’re going to provide a brief portrait of one of the members of the Parkinson’s UK Oxford Branch Committee. This time it’s the turn of Kit Marriott, who has been associated with the Branch for many years as a result of his friendship with Jem Appleton, and their shared passion for golf – about which more later! Kit joined the Committee in 2011 and quickly made a huge impression as Fundraiser.

Fundraising is a crucial part of the Branch’s activities. The money raised supports all sorts of provision for members, from taxis to respite care and exercise classes. In addition the Branch is able to make significant donations to Oxford research projects linked to Parkinson’s. At the same time, through fundraising, people have fun, enjoy themselves, and spread the word about the lived experience of Parkinson’s. As you will see, Kit is a fundraiser par excellence.

First of all, Kit gently took control of the Oxford Walk, informing Parkinson’s UK that, as Oxonians, Branch members were better placed to plan routes, deploy marshals, and elicit refreshments than the London based officials. The Branch continues to work happily with the Parkinson’s UK staff responsible for the Walk, and a tribute to the success of the whole venture is that Oxford raises the largest amount of funds for Parkinson’s UK in the Walk for Parkinson’s event. The money raised from the next Oxford Walk on 22 September 2019 is already pledged to support a research project in our local area.

You may remember I mentioned golf. Kit has run Charity Golf Days at his Club, raising funds for the Branch. This year he is Captain, and has chosen the Oxford Branch as the beneficiary of the proceeds from the Charity Golf Day which will take place on 17 September 2019.

In addition, Kit has organised or helped to organise many concerts, including the hugely successful concert in Christ Church Cathedral, which raised over £16,000 for the Branch. On a smaller scale are all the coffee mornings, plant sales, tango dancing (!) and quizzes which Kit has been involved in, as well as the promotion of Christmas cards and other merchandise connected with Parkinson’s. His next undertaking will be taking over the Art Café at Whitchurch on Thames on 13 July – come along and enjoy a cup of coffee, or volunteer with the catering!

So huge thanks to Kit for all that he has done and continues to do for the Branch. We really appreciate it!

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