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July 2019

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Park's Larks, continued

 Wendy Benson

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Chapter 3

The Action Plan turned out a Godsend

Giving focus for thinking and verve,

And it's just as well that they had it,

Or they might have been stripped of their nerve.

The twins thought a “Project” would sort it

So they asked their teacher at school

If the whole class could study this subject in depth

And their classmates said that would be “Cool”.

Mr Park, in the meantime was dreaming

Of a specialized trip agency

Taking him and his kin on each holiday booked

And just running itself for a fee.

Mrs Park had a small group of close friends

Who would gather each Monday for tea

They all knew there was trouble when she came at the double

and tearfully divulged her difficulty.

“There's no question that we'll see you through this”

Her loyal friends rallied around

At least one had experienced a similar trial

And another was on the rebound.

“What you need is a very specific,

And also an alternative plan,

So if one doesn't work out the other will slide in

And keep him oblivious while you rescan.”

Plan A was a bit on the thin side,

More ephemeral than sturdy and strong.

It involved getting everyone from the whole street

To ask Mr P for a beautiful song.

His voice was a great gift, he knew that,

And it did give him pleasure to sing.

So each day when a neighbour popped in for a chat

He ended up tunefully exercising.

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