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July 2019

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Keep up to date with research

 Jonathan Bromley

For many people with Parkinson’s and their supporters, one of the most rewarding things they can do is to participate in or follow the latest academic and clinical research into cures, therapies and basic science. In the Oxford Branch we’re fortunate in having excellent links with local world-class researchers, and our own Research Officer Dr Kevin McFarthing does a superb job of helping us find our way through the often complex and specialized world of Parkinson’s research.

Make a difference by participating

Academic studies and clinical trials need research participants. You can help! Many of our members have been tracked as part of the huge Monument Discovery cohort for several years, but other projects need your support too. Take a look at the research participation page of our website to learn more about how to get involved.

Resources for you

Are you looking for a starting point for your own reading on Parkinson’s research? Would you like to know more about clinical trials or new therapies? We can help! Thanks to Kevin’s efforts we have a very accessible collection of online resources at where you can find links to articles, blogs and websites from a variety of trustworthy sources. You can also find there a link to the Parkinson’s Research Support Network (“ParkyRSN”) where you can get regular email updates from Parkinson’s UK.

An honour for our Research Officer

Kevin maintains an impressive and widely respected list of current clinical trials for Parkinson’s treatments, and in recognition of this work he has recently been appointed to the editorial board of the prestigious Journal of Parkinson’s Disease as an editor of its new section on Clinical Trials Highlights. You can read his introduction to this role in the journal at this link.

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