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Spring 2020 Special

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Visit to Tutankhamun Exhibition

 Sally Bromley

Sally reports on our very last outing before the lockdown was imposed

Tutankhamun exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, London

For over ten years I enthused about the wonders of Ancient Egypt with my Year 5 classes (9-10 year olds). All the texts we used were filled with colour photos of the glorious objects discovered a century ago in King Tutankhamun’s tomb. So it’s no surprise I was lured to the visit arranged by Martin. The travel by comfy minibus was smooth. Jonathan, Martin and I had booked our lunch there, which was delicious.

Then the exhibition

There were lots of people and getting close to exhibits was difficult at times, though everyone was polite and moved on. Seeing these perfect objects crafted with such skill was mind blowing. The colour, the number, the variety but mostly the shine from the gold, filled my senses. It was stupendous. I last taught that important historical era in 2003 and it wasn’t forgotten. How could it be? It is no wonder that Howard Carter on discovering the tomb, was ‘struck dumb in amazement’ having seen ‘…everywhere, the glint of gold.’

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