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Spring 2020 Special

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Reading the Branch Newsletter online

Hints and tips

Thank you for choosing to read the Spring 2020 Special Newsletter on-line, helping the Branch to reduce waste and costs of printing and postage.

Reading the articles

Each article appears on its own page as a single long column. Simply keep scrolling down to read more.


The menu has Next article and Previous article buttons that you can use to move from one article to another as you browse the newsletter. If you’re already at the last or first article, the appropriate “next/previous” button will be greyed-out.

The menu also has a Contents button which takes you to a list of all the articles in this issue. From there you can go to any article directly. Click here to go to the table of contents now.

Finally, at the foot of each article you will find a Quick Contents table that allows you to jump directly to another article if you know its title.


Images are displayed as small “thumbnail” previews. You can click on any image to see the full-size version.

In the full-size image view:

Quick contents