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Spring 2020 Special

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Lockdown Locks-Off


Keeping the locks under control during lockdown can be a challenge.

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As usual our members have been a cut above the rest! Here are a few snippets trimmed from the archive.

Please send us your before-and-after pictures, and your fundraising (and hair-raising) stories, to add here!

Caught On Camera

Our Fundraiser’s experience

The neck towel placed across my shoulders for tidiness nearly strangled me. And fortunately I was able to try and watch a replay of the test match between West Indies and MCC at Lords in 1984, which was challenging as my head was often pushed sideways and backwards and forwards. During one agonising wrench I was given a Gin and tonic by the cutter, which calmed the pain when I nearly had my head wrenched off my shoulders. Once again one of my ears was nicked with little blood flowing.

My brave cutter was Diana my wife who so far has earned £30 in safe keeping in my Parkie Charity Box.

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