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Q: Why is Parkinson's common in Saudi Arabia?
A: Because they have the sheikhs!

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Exenatide excitementNEWS

At our July 2017 Branch meeting, Dr Richard Wyse of Cure Parkinson's Trust shared his excitement about some clinical trial results that he was expecting to be published very soon.

The 3rd August 2017 edition of The Lancet carries the report, suggesting very promising (but not yet fully understood) preliminary results from use of the diabetes drug Exenatide in mid-stage Parkinson's patients. The full article is only available with a subscription, but a summary is available online. It's also generated a lot of interest in the medical and popular press. Here are some commentaries that we've found useful (links open in a new tab):

Not bad for a drug that was first identified in the saliva of the venomous Gila monster!

Keeping up with research

There is lots of very exciting research into Parkinson’s covering everything from improving the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s (PwP) through to the search for a cure. It is such a rapidly developing and changing field of research that it is not possible to present a summary that would remain meaningful for very long. So, we have focused on the general approach adopted by Parkinson’s UK (PUK) and provided links to a number of other sources for the very latest information on Parkinson’s research that you can search for yourself.  Key sections of our research summary are:

The complete Research Summary document may be downloaded here.

Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Research Day 2017

On Monday 20th March the fourth Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Research Day took place in the heart of the University’s Science Area. As members of Parkinson’s UK Oxford Branch we were pleased to be invited to attend. Read the report by Nigel Hamilton here.