Day Ten

Set off in good time and rejoined NCR 67. Lovely off road cycling along wide easy tracks although there were some more challenging sections.

We were going really well until the route took us over the River Calder. A horrible footbridge, hard work to get the bikes up and down.

Nice view from the top

Afterwards we needed a bit of a rest.

The route continued off road on some great cycle tracks.

We stopped for some coffee and some more of Janet and Bob’s carrot cake.

Sticking with NCR 67 we joined the River Aire and the Canal.

The tracks were good and we had a easy cycle into Leeds until we came to another horrible footbridge. This looked worse than the previous one but a very kind fisherman carried the bikes up for us. Getting down the other side was tricky but we managed without mishap.

As we approached the centre of Leeds, we left the canal and headed up towards Roundhay Park. We were pretty tired by this time but it was nearly all off road although uphill.

We had a bit of a rest in the park.

From there to Dom and Anna’s was mainly uphill so we were pretty knackered when we got here.

Sarah is here as well which is lovely and she took this photo of us with Evelyn.

Day off tomorrow then off to Wetherby and the Vale of York.



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  1. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, but only one concern…well, two, actually. Will we be able to keep up with you and will we look as resplendent as you do in your matching outfits? Love, Susan and Geoff X

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