Day Thirteen

A tough day and we arrived at the Premier Inn in Stockton-on-Tees pretty tired but without having had any major problems. 

We left the pub in Felixkirk in good time and continued along NCR 65.

Felixkirk is on the edge of the North York Moors and there are amazing views over the Vale of York. This beautiful tree was outside our bedroom window.

The route continued through more little villages. Lots of hills but we got up most of them without getting off. The countryside is lovely and it was a beautiful morning.

After a few miles, we turned onto a forest track and started a serious climb onto the moor. No chance of riding up this one!

The views from the top were spectacular.

As we left the track we looked back

We then hurtled down to Osmotherly enjoying the fabulous scenery. There at last we passed a shop (the first since leaving Leeds!) and bought some things for lunch.

A couple of miles on, we had just settled down to our picnic when the heavens opened and lunch had to be abandoned. We got quite wet and cold even though the downpour was short.

We managed to get a coffee, dry out and finish lunch in Swainby. After that having left the moors, the going got easier and we sped along. Quite difficult to keep up with Mr March Hare Hamilton when he’s on a roll.

The last few miles were off road on excellent cycle tracks. Stockton-on-Tees gets the prize.

Durham tomorrow. Fingers crossed, we might just make it!

Day Fourteen

We made it! We’re in one piece – no disasters!

Had a good ride from Stockton-on-Tees mainly off road on some great cycle tracks. First part was on NCR 1 and on tarmac

but rather a lot of these annoying barriers!

These gave way to rougher surfaces and at one one point Nigel did come off a couple of times but slithered rather than fell. No damage but a bit shaken.

After a while the going was easier and we sailed along through some beautiful countryside

After about 18 miles we turned west on NCR 14 and saw this sign

Some local lads asked us what we were up to and informed us that we were
bonkers. Too right.

From there it was a lovely ride into Durham ending up by the river then up to Palace Green

Sarah was there and had organised a great welcome.

Now all that remains is to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us in so many ways, cheered us on and made such generous donations. Thank you for reading the blog and thank you Jonathan for making it possible.

Finally, a tribute (from Debbie) to Nigel’s determination and perseverance in doing this. Although it’s been great fun it has been incredibly hard at times, as those of you who are also grappling with Parkinson’s will understand only too well.  Undertaking and completing this journey has been a fantastic achievement.