Day Five

Decided to press on as the shoulder is still improving. Left the Premier Inn in good time, survived cycling along the A511 and rejoined NCR 63. This took us into Burton on a great cycle track which went over the River Trent. We then followed the 63 through the town centre which involved lots of junctions, pedestrian crossings and side streets. By the time we joined NCR 54 Nigel was pretty tired and not overjoyed by the sight of another canal!

We had already agreed that we might be having a bit of a walk at this stage but thankfully there was a good tarmac cycle track on an old railway line next to the tow path. Thank you Sustrans!

We then left the canal and for about a mile rode along a cycle track on the A38. Slightly terrifying as the lorries thundered past and we had a good dose of pollution. Fortunately the 54 soon went left and we headed north on quiet roads and this continued after joining NCR 68. A nice ride, gradually gaining height.

After lunch it was hillier and we were quite tired but got to Ashbourne in good time.  Now off to the pub which is about 3 steps from our B and B!

Nigel says we haven’t included his joke about today having gone for a Burton and having been sent to Coventry a day or so ago. Are you surprised?

10 thoughts on “Day Five”

  1. We are not Suprised just Impressed with your determination to keep going! Sounds like today was a good day look forward to seeing you tomorrow XA&F

  2. Your friendly webmaster is getting surprisingly protective and mother-hen-ish about this whole enterprise, and has taken to tracking your activity quite closely (nothing creepy about that, oh no). 6.15pm, photo uploaded in preparation for a blog entry – great, they’re still compos mentis! The photo was taken in Etwall [1], halfway between Burton and Ashbourne, just before noon – great, they’re making good progress! And terrible wordplay… great, the shoulder must definitely be getting better! And you’ve just crossed the 53rd parallel, fine northward progress. Wonderful stuff, and enjoy the glorious Peak District scenery for the next couple of days.

    [1] Got to love GPS tagging of photos.

  3. Nigel and Debbie Hamilton
    Make easy work of pedalling to Leamington
    On to Nuneaton
    With no sign of being beaten
    Then to Burton
    And one thing’s certain
    Despite an injured shoulder
    They pedalled braver and bolder
    Through Ashbourne they go
    With little sign of woe
    Along the towpath and the railway track
    There is nothing they lack
    In determination and guts
    No ifs, no buts
    Surely nothing will stop them henceforth
    As they pedal further and further north.

  4. In Yorkshire with no WiFi, hate to think what Nick would have to say about that! Well done both, your efforts are awesome. I wish you smooth tracks, clean air and uplifting scenery. And painkillers xxx

    1. Thank you very much for your message Caroline! You have got us summed up well and we have a good supply of painkillers if needed. Nigel & Debbie

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