Day Eight

Made it to the Premier Inn near Barnsley. Knackered but got here without major probs. We left Hathersage at about 8.50. Nick and Ann nobly offered to take most of our bags in their car and meet us in Sheffield.  What a difference that made!

We knew that the climb out of Hathersage was going to be tough but it seemed to go on for ever. We walked most of it. Nigel was not feeling great so we stopped halfway up for a rest. Got to the top at 10.30. Not sure we’d have made it with all the luggage. Amazing view but still a long way to go!

We then hurtled down the hill – quite a busy road with fast traffic even though by now we were on NCR 6. At Ringinglow we turned off and headed for the Whitely Woods Trail – an off-road route into Sheffield. The first part was really difficult so we were overjoyed to meet Nick and Ann bearing coffee, biscuits and good cheer.

After this it all got easier. The surface improved and after we were back on road, NCR 6 was well signed and got us through the centre of the city quite easily.

After this we were on dedicated cycle tracks including a long stretch by the river Don.

At Meadowhall, we joined NCR 67 on a disused rail track. After this, back on road, we crossed the M1 and the route got hillier.

From Elsecar, we were on an excellent cycle track still NCR 67 which goes right past the Premier Inn. Got here at 6.20.

About to clamber into bed. Still on NCR 67 tomorrow but a much shorter day.

4 thoughts on “Day Eight”

  1. A tough day, well done! From Hathersage to the top of Stanage Edge is 850ft of climb in only 2 miles – quite a tall order. Guess you don’t need any advice to “sleep well”!

  2. We have been following your progress daily and you have done exceptionally well on such a challenging trip hopefully see you both not long after you return home and had a good rest.
    Lovely to hear Sarah will be there to welcome you in Durham and recharge the batteries will be the 1st priority although a little before then with Dominic,Anna little Evelyn also Angie and Malcolm.
    Lots of Love We admire greatly both of you.
    Trish and Martin

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