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Financial support if you have passed State retirement age

Adult Care Needs assessment

You have the right to an assessment, no matter what your ability is to pay for the care you may need. If you need help due to:

  • Frailty because of old age
  • A short-term illness or injury
  • Permanent, substantial physical disabilities

You can request an assessment through the Adult Social Care Team. Telephone 0345 050 7666 and choose the Adult Services option, or apply online:

DWP benefits after retirement

Attendance Allowance

Pension Credit

Carer’s Allowance

Note that different rules apply for Carer’s Allowance depending on whether you are older or younger than State Pension age.

Personal Independence Payment

Help with benefits for those over State Pension age

Trustworthy information on the many benefits available:

Parkinson’s UK information on PIP

Extensive help with applying for Personal Independence Payment (PIP):

Financial support for respite care

Carers sometimes need a break. We can help, with financial grants towards the cost of respite care.

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