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Oxford Branch Committee

The committee is elected at the AGM each March. We are proud that most of our committee members have Parkinson’s, bringing to the Branch a strong understanding of living with it. The current Committee was elected at our AGM on 1 March 2023.

Following Pen Keyte’s retirement after many years of devoted service as our Secretary, we have split that role. Barbara Levick now takes responsibility for recording the Committee’s work and arranging its meetings. Josey Carpenter provides communication with members to keep everyone up-to-date with our activities.

Officers and roles

Acting Chair Martin Cowell
Communications Secretary Josey Carpenter
Committee Secretary Barbara Levick
Treasurer Stephen Duhan
Fundraiser Kit Marriott
Membership Secretary Nigel Hamilton
Research Advisor Kevin McFarthing
Media Paul Mayhew-Archer
Programme Peter Thompson
Trips and outings Martin Cowell
Newly-diagnosed support Nick Wrigley
Respite Care and social support Pamela Hutchinson-Collins
OxWAG representative Alison Butt
Branch Ambassador Sally Bromley  
AV and digital support Jonathan Bromley

Committee members

Mark Jennings, Pen Keyte, Carys Redmond, David Salisbury, Geoff Woodruff, Rebecca Berry

Other contacts

You can find additional email addresses and phone numbers in the Branch welcome leaflet.


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