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People of working age living with Parkinson's

Although Parkinson's most commonly affects those over 50, for some people it can begin much earlier.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of some of our younger members, we now have a group for people of working age affected by Parkinson's. Rather than make it age specific the members prefer to refer to themselves as the…

Working Age Group (WAG)

The group is made up of PwP and their partners. Its purpose is to share concerns and offer support to each other within a social context.

On Sunday 18th February about twelve of us met over brunch and gossip at Portabello restaurant in Summertown. Laura shared some great ideas for future activities and plans — check back here soon for more details.

In May we had a fascinating seminar on REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder (RBD) from Dr Tom Barber, held in St Hugh's College.

Find out more

For more information, contact Ashley and Laura:

Support from Parkinson's UK
Our national body Parkinson's UK has an area of their website dedicated to support for younger PwP.
Other resources for younger people with Parkinson's
Two websites, both founded by younger PwPs in our region, may be of interest:
  • is a locally-run charity and website with fantastic resources for supporting families that include a working-age PwP.
  • Spotlight YOPD is a dynamic, campaigning charity run by and for younger PwPs.
NEW Fighting Fit
A new organization called Fighting Fit has launched a weekend residential programme specially designed for younger and working-age people with Parkinson's. It is being piloted in our area and you can find out more about it on their website.