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In addition to people with Parkinson’s we have partners, carers, clinicians and researchers in our membership. Non-members are welcome to attend a meeting, but we encourage you to join to take full advantage of all Branch activities and benefits.

Join us as a member

We encourage you to join us as a member to get the most out of what we can offer. Membership is open to anyone in Oxfordshire and the surrounding area who lives with Parkinson’s, or has an interest in or connection to the condition. We are always delighted if the carer or partner of a person with Parkinson’s can also join, and the application form makes that easy to do.

To join we ask you to complete a simple membership form which you can download at this link, or apply online by clicking here for our membership application page.

As a member you will receive occasional newsletters, regular updates on our activities, and the chance to join in various outings and social events.

DUE NOW for 2024!Subscriptions

If you decide to become a member the cost is just £5 per person per year, payable in January to the Membership Secretary. Your subscription helps to cover regular running costs such as venue hire for our monthly meetings.

Membership of our parent body, Parkinson’s UK

Membership of the national charity is available separately, with a flexible pricing structure. Find more about becoming a Parkinson's UK member at this link.

Communication with members

Most of our communication is by email. We take great care to keep your email details confidential, and will never release them without your permission. If your email details change, or if you wish to be removed from our email list, please get in touch with our Secretary or Membership Secretary.