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Learning opportunities for carers

Many unpaid carers feel they would like to know more about the skills they need to do their vital work. For example, if your partner has mobility difficulties because of Parkinson's, you should know how to move them safely and without risk to yourself.

Free courses from Abingdon and Witney College

Abingdon and Witney College offers a programme of free courses carefully designed to meet this need. The course package is known as A Carer's Journey.

At the 2018 Carers Conference we heard about these courses from Michelle Evans of Action for Carers and Sue Funge who designed the courses. We were impressed with the scope and appropriateness of the course offering, and we believe it may be very valuable to many of our members.

Each course module is a single session of two or three hours. You can take the modules individually, or work through them as a complete programme, to suit your needs.

The College has searchable, up-to-date information for the Carer's Journey courses on their Adult Learning site.