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Here we aim to list any Branch-related activities over the next two months. If you have an event that you would like to appear on this page, please email us at with dates, details and contact information.

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Future events

March 2019

Friday 29th March

POSTPONED!!! Donkey House Players concert at St Laurence Church, South Hinksey, Oxford OX1 5BA (map)

Our good friends and loyal supporters the Donkey House Players offer another concert.
UPDATE: This concert will now NOT take place on 29 March. A new date will be announced very soon. Please check back here for more information in the coming weeks.

Saturday 30th March, 8.00pm - 11.00pm

Incurable Optimist at The Theatre, 2 Spring St, Chipping Norton OX7 5NL (map)

Oxford Branch member Paul Mayhew-Archer brings his touring one-man show Incurable Optimist to Oxfordshire for one night only. Tickets available online at this link.

April 2019

Wednesday 3rd April, 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Branch meeting at Botley W.I. Hall, N Hinksey Ln, Oxford OX2 0LT, UK (map)

Our committee member Martin Cowell shares his experiences of India: a fascinating journey.

Thursday 11th April

World Parkinson's Day

The international awareness day for Parkinson's is held on the birthday of James Parkinson (1755-1824) who was the first medical practitioner to describe the condition clearly.

Saturday 13th April, 6.30pm - 11.00pm

The Great Gatsby Ball at Eynsham Hall, North Leigh, Witney OX29 6PN (map)

Our member David Casey and his son Chris are staging a fundraising Roaring Twenties-themed Great Gatsby Ball to raise money for Parkinson's UK. This glitzy event featuring two big bands will be held at Eynsham Hall. Full details are in the poster which you can download using this link

 Donations are always welcome at Christopher's fundraising site using this link.

May 2019

Wednesday 1st May, 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Branch meeting at Botley W.I. Hall, N Hinksey Ln, Oxford OX2 0LT, UK (map)

Prof. Kieran Clarke of Oxford University's Dept. of Anatomy and Physiology talks on Energy for the Brain: A ketone drink for Parkinson’s?

Professor Clarke’s research has led to a new food group, a ketone ester called ΔG® (pronounced "delta-G"), that may help in Parkinson’s by providing an alternative energy source. This is the story of how ΔG® was found and developed to the point at which it is being sold as a sports drink in the US and is now ready to be tested in Parkinson’s.

You can find more about Professor Clarke on the University's website here, and about her research group at this link.

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