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Recently diagnosed?

We are fortunate to have in Oxfordshire a two-day workshop especially created for people newly diagnosed with Parkinson's. This unique programme was conceived by, written by, piloted on, and is presented by people with Parkinson's. Having this link with Parkinson's throughout gives it credibility.

First Steps leaflet

First Steps

This is the name of the workshop. It is delivered at Witney Lakes Resort by two presenters and sessions usually have 4 or 5 people diagnosed with Parkinson's, each attending with their caregiver. Having this small group means everyone has a chance to contribute.

Unsure what the future may hold?

Then the First Steps programme is for you. The workshop helps people to accept they have a degenerative condition, and guides them through the ways they can help themselves to live a continued good quality of life.

The two days are funded by Parkinson's UK and include refreshments and lunch. There is no cost to attendees.

Locations nationwide

During 2018-9 the programme is becoming available in several new locations throughout the country in addition to the original Witney venue. Contact the Parkinson's UK organizers at for details of dates, locations and availability of forthcoming sessions.

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Planned or coming soon:

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