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Respite Care

If only I had someone to look after my partner for a couple of hours while I go shopping!

Do you need occasional extra help caring for someone living with Parkinson’s in Oxfordshire?

We are excited to re-launch our scheme offering financial support for respite care. Any person with Parkinson’s (PwP) resident in Oxfordshire, or a carer on their behalf, can apply to us for a grant to help with the costs of respite care. Up to £600 per year is available to each applicant. We anticipate this will be enough to fund around 20 to 30 hours of care, but please be aware that costs can vary widely depending on your choice of provider and the type of care you need.

IMPORTANT Before you make any commitment, we urge you to contact our scheme administrator by email to confirm your eligibility for our financial help.

Using our grant scheme

Get in touch

For more information on conditions, restrictions and how to apply, please contact the Branch’s scheme administrator .

Choosing a care provider

Oxford Branch cannot advise you or make recommendations on your choice of care provider. Various trustworthy organizations offer guidance. To help you begin your search, we have a page with links to some of these organizations.

Our application form

After discussing your situation with our Scheme Administrator, you can apply by completing and returning the application form.

You can apply online. Alternatively, you can download and print the application form as a PDF document.

If you have any difficulty with the form, please get in touch.

Alternative sources of help

Emergency free respite care from Carers Oxfordshire

For short-term urgent care needs where a PwP’s partner falls ill or is unavailable for other medical reasons, you should consider the emergency respite care available through Carers Oxfordshire. This scheme offers free emergency care for up to 48 hours when the carer falls ill or has to attend to a family medical crisis, leaving the person cared for at risk. We encourage you to pre-register for this scheme so that you can access its help quickly in a time of need. Full details about registration are available on that Carers Oxfordshire web page.