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Cracker Jokes!

Our 2017 Christmas groaners, all in one place for your delectation...

Q: Why do people with Parkinson's take Evodopa around Christmastime?
A: No L, no L...

With thanks to the Bodleian Library people:
Q: Where does the library keep its Teflon-coated books?
A: In the non-friction section!

Q: Why doesn't Parky Santa like living at the North Pole?
A: Because he 's always freezing!

Not a Parkinson's joke, but we couldn't resist this one from @MrsCupcake79 on Twitter:
7 year old: What would happen if I swallow lots of Christmas decorations?
Mum: You would probably have to go to hospital for an emergency operation.
7YO: No Mum, I would get tinselitis.

Q: What does Santa use to control his Parkinson's symptoms?

Q: Why is Parkinson's common in Saudi Arabia?
A: Because they have the sheikhs!