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Virtual meetings using Zoom video conferencing

Using your computer, laptop, smartphone, iPad or tablet computer, you can join a Zoom meeting and chat with the other participants. Live video lets you see what others are doing. You can choose to switch off your own camera if you prefer people not to see you.

Getting ready to join our online meetings

The Zoom meeting system is really easy to use, but you may need a little help getting started. We’ve got you covered!

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Equipment checklist

Equipment checklist

Guidance videos

Guidance videos

Join a trial-run meeting

Join a trial-run meeting

Check that your computer or device is suitable

If you have any of the following…

…then you have everything you need.

What about microphones, speakers, headsets, camera?

Laptops, smartphones and tablets always have a built-in microphone, speakers and camera. If you use a desktop (full-size) computer then it probably doesn’t have these built-in, so you will need an external microphone and speakers. A camera (webcam) is useful but not essential.

Finally, if you have a headset with built-in microphone it makes a very good alternative to using loudspeakers and will usually give better sound quality both for you and for other participants in the meeting.

Even if you don't have microphone and speakers, it is still possible to join the meeting using an ordinary telephone. You will find full instructions for doing this in the invitation email.

Trial-run meetings

Trial-run meetings will give you a chance to set up your computer and check that everything works. You can join and leave any of these meetings freely as you wish, and there will be help on hand to sort out any problems.

Please contact Jonathan if you would like to set up a trial-run meeting.

Watch our videos to see how to get started

We have created some short videos that you can watch to guide you as you get started with the Zoom meeting system. To choose the right video for you, click the item that best describes the device you expect to use:

I will join the meetings using…

Apple iPad or iPhone

Apple iPad or iPhone

Android smartphone or tablet<br/>(any make except Apple)

Android smartphone or tablet
(any make except Apple)

Desktop or laptop computer<br/>(any make including Apple)

Desktop or laptop computer
(any make including Apple)

One-minute reminder for computer users

Also available on Vimeo at

Using your Apple iPhone or iPad

Duration 7 minutes. Also available on Vimeo at

Using your Android smartphone or tablet

Duration 12 minutes. Also available on Vimeo at

Using your laptop or desktop computer

Duration 7 minutes. Also available on Vimeo at