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Guide to all our online archives

Recordings and resources from Branch meetings

We make video or audio recordings of some of the talks given at our Branch meetings.

Each link in the Table of Contents takes you to a page where you will find information from the meeting, and the recording (if any).

Table of Contents

2019 July Report from World Parkinson’s Congress in Kyoto
February Prof. Mark Williams on Mindfulness
January The Hope List: our annual update on new therapies in development, presented by Dr Kevin McFarthing
2018 November Dr Michele Hu: Proactive Parkinson's Symptom Management
October Dr Simon Stott: The measuring and monitoring of Parkinson's
May Oxford City Council: support with home improvements and repairs
February Lysosomes and Enzymes: research that we have helped to fund
January Kevin McFarthing updates us on new therapies in development