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Guide to all our online archives

Current issues of Branch publications

Here are the online-viewable versions of our current publications.

Archive of regular Branch publications

We publish a newsletter, normally four times a year, and a welcome leaflet every six months. Here is a complete archive of all our publications that are available for viewing online.



Spring | Autumn

Welcome leaflets:

Apr-Sep 2018 | Oct 2018-Mar 2019



Spring | Summer | Autumn | Winter

Welcome leaflets:

Apr-Sep 2017 | Oct 2017-Mar 2018



Spring | Summer | Autumn

Publication? Printing?

The current newsletter (Autumn 2018) is available as a high-resolution PDF suitable for commercial printing or for use in media material. Please note that this is a very large file (over 300MB), so it will take a long time to download.


If you have any difficulty with reading these documents, please contact us by email at

They are PDF documents and we think you will probably be able to read them simply by clicking the links. Alternatively you can download the file and read it using Acrobat Reader, which is available from Adobe's website at this link.